May 24, 2019

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G650 for Asia-Pacific

In keeping with the Gulfstream G650's growing presence in the Asia Pacific region, ExecuJet Aviation Group took delivery of its first G650 in October 2014.

The aircraft is equipped to carry sixteen passengers and ExecuJet is the first operator in the Asia-Pacific region to offer the type for charter. It will be based at the company's Wellington, New Zealand base and will be available for charter '24/7', augmenting the company's already extensive range of services {ranging from aircraft management, charter, FBO, maintenance and completions consulting).

ExecuJet is a heavy hitter in the business aviation arena, and manages more than 150 "privately and commercially registered aircraft on behalf of private, business and government owners", globally.

The company's recent acquisition of the G650 coincides with Gulfstream putting their flagship aircraft through its paces in July, when it set numerous world speed records as it circumnavigated the world in 41 hours, 7 minutes. The westbound record-breaking flight was manned by a crew of five, and took off from San Diego, with fuel stops in Guam, Dubai and Cape Verde, before terminating in San Diego. Each sector was flown at Mach 0.90 and the total distance covered was 20,310nm (37,614km).

Steve Cass, Gulfstream's senior vice president - communications, said, "The G650's around-the-world speed record is testimony to the aircraft's tremendous speed and range, two performance capabilities that have helped make this aircraft the industry standard since it entered service in 2012," he said.

"The G650 was the most successful product launch in Gulfstream history, garnering more than 200 orders when it was announced in 2008. The backlog stretches to 2017,evidence that the aircraft's tremendous range, high speed, comfort, safety features and size are extremely appealing to customers." With an average cruising speed of 562mph (904 km/h), plus an ability to fly long haul sectors with ease, the Gulfstream G650 brings considerable performance muscle and passenger comfort to the business aviation world.

Gulfstream has recently been boosting its presence in the Asia-Pacific region, where it has 205 aircraft, including 110 in the greater China region.

The company recently appointed Leda Chong as senior vice president of the Asia-Pacific region. Chong is responsible for coordinating and facilitating activities that support existing Gulfstream customers, exploring partnerships with other Chinese companies and coordinating with Chinese aviation authorities in expanding our offerings in the Asia-Pacific region.

China is still a problematic market. "Right now, it's challenging to secure flight-slot approvals when sharing commercial airports with airlines. So, we'd like to see more airports and slats available for business aviation, more FBO services and greater availability of trained pilots and mechanics," says Gulfstream.

"Stringent airspace restrictions have also been challenging. Relaxation of those restrictions would lead to faster flight approvals, more direct routings and more usable airspace, especially at higher altitudes, which generally provide a smoother ride, better weather and greater fuel efficiency.

Other investments include a Hong Kong based flight deportment consisting of five pilots to assist with deliveries of aircraft and entry-into-service flying; additional technical operations staff in Hong Kong, Beijing and Shanghai with a focus on Chinese-speaking employees to support Chinese customers; certification of the region's first dedicated G450/G550 business-jet simulator in Hong Kong, owned by FlightSafety.

- By Benn Marks for Asian Aviation  www.

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