June 21, 2018

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15 Perks of Business Aviation You May Not Know

New to business aviation or perhaps considering your first charter journey or aircraft purchase? Here are some fast benefits of getting from A to B by BizAv.

Faster, More Convenient Business Trips

1)    Business aviation is ideal for connecting unconnected city pairs. A European Business Aviation Association study found that 96% of the city pairs served by business aircraft had no daily scheduled direct flights. This is even more problematic when flying to emerging market nations in Asia or Africa.

2)    Private flights aren't restricted to the same hub and spoke model as used by airlines, meaning you'll fly a more direct route.

3)    Business jets typically can climb faster and generally fly faster than airliners, resulting in less time in poor weather.

4)    Private jets are typically smaller than commercial airliners, so they can fly higher than the 35,000-foot ceiling of airliners. That translates to less traffic, more direct routes and more flexibility to capture better winds.

More Convenient Departures

5)    Private aviation terminals (known as GACs or GATs) are smaller than the huge airports you know catering for private and business flights and therefore accommodate smaller and fewer aircraft. Since there are numerous GATs in more convenient locations, you won't need to travel as far to reach them and there is less congestion when you arrive. Many of these locations also offer fixed base operations (FBOs) with VIP lounges and several add-on services for both passengers and crew.

6)    Business aviation security is streamlined, so you don't need to arrive hours before check-in, as with flying commercial. You can arrive mere minutes before your flight!

7)    No long waits for planning, de-planning or baggage carousel - none of those hassles exist in private aviation.

8)    And, maybe best of all, you set the schedule for when you want to fly - you don't need to adapt your departure/arrival time to an airline.

Better Productivity

9)  Unlike when flying with airlines, with private aviation you can work with nearly full productivity onboard the aircraft. In some cases, this extends to having onboard meetings and meals, meaning more time for multitasking.

10)  In other cases, full inflight satellite communications (SatCom) connectivity can give you almost the same level of access you'd find on the ground: Internet, phone, email, video conferences and more.

11)  This productivity has literally changed the way people conduct business. Nowadays rather than having to fly transatlantic on an overnight (redeye) commercial flight to cut down on time out of the office, businesspeople can leave mid-day, work on board, arrive across the ocean and have a full night's sleep.

12)  Modern inflight entertainment (IFE) has come a long way recently in business aviation. Passengers can view and listen to fully legal, digital rights-enabled movies, TV shows and music, from single passenger archives or streaming.

Full Confidentiality in the Air or on the Ground Means You Can Bypass Busy Cities

13)  Private jets are like flying offices in the sky - there is complete confidentiality for meetings in-person or by phone/videoconference.

14)  This often extends to the operators that service flights on the ground, as modern FBOs have extensive meeting capabilities.

15)  More and more businesspeople are taking advantage of conveniently located FBOs in cities like Cambridge. Rather than going all the way to London and fighting congestion and traffic, meeting participants can fly instead into less-congested FBOs like ExecuJet in Cambridge and conduct meetings there. Services extend to boardroom and meeting facilities, catering, lodging and VIP limousine or helicopter taxi service.

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