May 27, 2018

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The Promise of MEBA

As you likely know, next week is the sixth edition of MEBA, the second version being held at Dubai World Central. If you attend, we hope you will visit ExecuJet Aviation Group at Stand 575.

Those familiar with business aviation in the Middle East shouldn't be surprised to hear that the MEBA conference and expo is now the third-largest business aviation conference in the world, after NBAA and EBACE. About 70 aircraft will be on static display at MEBA 2014, with some 10,000 people expected to attend, according to MEBAA.

As the event continues to grow, so does business aviation across the region, as these numbers attest:

  • Business aviation in the Middle East is projected to be worth $1 billion overall by 2020, according to the MEBAA.
  • The number of private aircraft has doubled in the region over the past decade.
  • The region is vast and spread out, with large category aircraft the most popular, followed by medium size.
  • The Middle East is a truly global hub, with nearly 70% of the entire world reachable within just six hours.
  • Though the region generates just 3% of the global business jet fleet, 60% of its fleet is comprised of large cabin jets, versus just 26% for the rest of the world (according to AMSTAT) making it an important growth market.

Reality Versus Myth

Despite numbers and promising projections, many misperceptions about the Middle East remain within business aviation. The region is constantly beset by political instability and growth is hampered by over-regulation - these are just two such myths that either don't match the situation on the ground or oversimplify things.

Here's another: unrest in Syria and Iraq is holding back private aviation across the entire region. In fact, Iraq and Syria never had a single AOC for business aviation - they have always been based in Dubai. Furthermore, anyone who had business aircraft located in Iraq or Syria simply moved their aircraft - or even their business - to another Middle Eastern country.

Mike Berry, ExecuJet's VP for the Middle East, dispels more such Middle Eastern business aviation myths in the next issue of FlyCorporate, which will be available next week at MEBA and also published here in the ExecuJet blog.

ExecuJet Middle East

ExecuJet has a proud tradition in the Middle East, as one of the first independent providers to offer business aviation services in the region on our arrival in 1999 in Dubai. We are also a founding member of MEBAA. Currently ExecuJet has five FBOs in the region - two in each Dubai and Istanbul and one in Riyadh. The FBOs in Turkey and Riyadh are operated in conjunction with our partners Bilen Air Services and NasJet, respectively. In fact, NasJet will celebrate its one-year anniversary later this year. By Gerrit Basson - President, ExecuJet Aviation Group.

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