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Davos, The Champions League Final of Business Aviation

By: Nicole Gut, Director, European FBOs, ExecuJet Aviation Group    

The annual Davos World Economic Forum (WEF) will take place this year between 21-24 January in Switzerland. More than 2,500 by-invitation-only delegates are expected to attend this “who’s who” event, one that is arguably the most important get-together of the year for a diverse spectrum of leaders exploring wide-ranging topics from finance and education to emerging markets and climate change. (See our “How to get to Davos” infographic for a map on VIP business aviation traffic).

It is also likely the best event in Europe (perhaps even the world) to showcase all the benefits of business aviation in one place: confidentiality, ease of access for high-profile global leaders (heads of state and industry alike), convenience, efficiency, productivity and security. You might look at it as the single biggest event for business aviation on the annual calendar – business aviation’s version of the Champion’s League Final.


Why is Davos such an ideal fit for business aviation? For heads of state and ministers in attendance, private aircraft offer the only viable option with sufficient security and confidentiality, not to mention the fact that flying privately drastically reduces travel time and other hassles. In 2014, the heads of state from Israel, Mexico, Japan and Brazil all attended Davos by private aircraft.

Heads of industry also need to rely on private aircraft in order to keep in touch with the businesses they run. As Davos is a global event, many travel for long distances and could not afford to be “out of pocket” for extensive durations. Private aviation keeps the C-level crowd connected.

Davos by the Numbers

The 2015 edition will be ExecuJet’s eleventh year of handling flights for the WEF, as we opened our Zurich FBO in 2003 and first handled flights for Davos in 2004. Here are just some of the mind-boggling statistics on this global event:

  • Over 2,500 delegates attend each year, including 40+ heads of state
  • ExecuJet estimates that 60% of all delegates will travel to the WEF by private aircraft
  • WEF’s dates on the calendar are perennially the busiest of the year for our Zurich FBO
  • ExecuJet expects to host VIPs from all countries (approximately 75) attending the WEF in Davos in 2015, including foreign ministers and Presidents
  • For Davos 2014, ExecuJet handled over 150 aircraft bringing VIP passengers to the event, with a high proportion of long-range business jets (see Part 2 of this blog post about aircraft types at Davos)
  • ExecuJet typically uploads about 450,000 liters of Jet A1 Fuel during the event’s duration.

A Demand for Expanded Service

Again this year as in previous years, ExecuJet has has secured an exclusive agreement with Dübendorf Airport (LSMD), the military-owned airport located just 5nm north of Zurich. Our exclusive arrangement enables us to park an additional 40 aircraft at any time. (Make a booking on this page).

For the first time in 2015, ExecuJet will offer full-service handling for aircraft and passengers at the Dübendorf (LSMD) location during the WEF. From Monday, 19 January through Sunday, 25 January ExecuJet’s agreement with Dübendorf Airport will allow most customers traveling for the WEF to arrive and depart directly into Dübendorf, providing a fast and flexible turnaround time, easy access to Davos or Zurich city and long-term WEF aircraft parking.

We are pleased to offer this expanded service for this important global event, but we are seeing high demand in conjunction with Davos dates and fully expect handling services to sell out. We encourage customers to book their handling services for the WEF as soon as possible.

Part 2: Which aircraft go to Davos?

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