January 18, 2019

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Luxembourg/ San Francisco (CA)– Luxaviation Group, one of the largest private aircraft operators worldwide, who is presenting today at the first edition of Revolution Aero in San Francisco (CA), signed an MOU with air transportation provider Flugauto, confirming its unique solution supply for the emerging VTOL (Vertical Take Off and Landing) business.


Tracey Curtis-Taylor takes on a new challenge

In 2013 ExecuJet supported pilot Tracey Curtis-Taylor in her journey from Cape Town, South Africa to London on the Spirit of Artemis — her open-cockpit Boeing Stearman biplane from the 1930s. Tracey commemorated Lady Heath’s 1928 flight as the first female pilot to fly solo in an open cockpit biplane from Cape Town to London that made front page news worldwide.

This year, Tracey Curtis-Taylor will be flying from Europe to Australia. She will start her new adventure on October 1 - the route will take her nearly 13,000 miles across Europe and the Mediterranean to Jordan, over the Arabian Desert, across the Gulf of Oman to Pakistan, through India and on to Myanmar, Thailand, Malaysia, and Indonesia before crossing the Timor Sea to Australia. The flight is expected to take 12 -14 weeks with arrival in Sydney planned for early 2016.

Tracey will be stopping at various ExecuJet facilities along the way where our Ground Ops teams will be supporting her. We will keep you updated in this section and on our Social Media Channels.


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