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Luxaviation Group is proud to be supporting rising British pianist George Harliono, aged 18, by leasing a Steinway & Sons Model B, one of the most highly regarded pianos in classical music, for his personal use.

George Harliono made his first hour-long solo recital at the age of nine and has since performed in numerous locations in the UK, US, Europe and Asia.


Top Business Gadgets for the Travelling Executive

Business trips require impeccable organisation, communication, and execution. And with so much technology available for the business traveller to include in their personal arsenal, it is vital that only the best, most functional devices are taken. Not only does this reduce baggage requirements, but it ensure that productivity is maximised as every device brought along on a business trip has a specific use or purpose.

So what are some gadgets that are worth adding to your personal business trip arsenal?

External battery pack
With so much technology required to conduct business nowadays (particularly while on the road), it is crucial that you are never without power. An external battery pack will ensure you have sufficient energy to power your portable devices, even when you are on the move.

Smart phone
This has become somewhat of a standard issue item, but worth noting as it still provides an impressive level of functionality for the business traveller. Whether it be making phone calls, managing a calendar, taking notes or listening to podcasts, the smartphone remains the new age Swiss Army Knife for the business executive.

Providing more functionality than a traditional smartphone, a tablet adds an additional level of productivity, allowing management and creation of documents and emails. And at the very least, it provides entertainment while you are in the air.

For power users that require access to all of their applications and presentations, the laptop is hard to surpass as the ultimate business traveller’s tool. Full functionality is possible, and you can set up your mobile office from almost anywhere if required.

Portable monitor
In addition to the portable and mobile devices, it does not hurt to have additional screen real estate when you are working on the road. Setting up a portable monitor can help turn your hotel room’s writing desk into a fully fledged hub for maximum productivity.

Smart watch
This newer device is seeing widespread adoption among business travellers, as it provides an all in one gadget that can provide quick updates on time, emails, messages and meetings. The accessibility and time saving features of this device are inarguable.

Treasure tag
One of the most dreaded scenarios for a busy travelling executive also happens to be one of the most common. Lost luggage can throw an entire business trip out of synch, but a smart treasure tag can help you quickly locate your bags.

Fitness tracker
Health should always be a priority, whether you are at home or abroad. It is easy to forget to exercise when travelling for business, but a fitness tracker will keep you motivated, track your sleep and count your steps.

Travel charger
Charging your many electronic devices (including your portable battery pack) will be an important part of your daily routine. Packing a travel charger will ensure your devices are able to be charged, no matter what country you are in.

While tablets and laptops are sufficient for occasional work, the true power user will benefit from a portable keyboard, allowing much better ergonomics and hence productivity when the need to work is paramount. Keyboards come in wireless Bluetooth or wired form for travel, the latter being better from a battery perspective.

Portable scanner
Documents can be hard to manage and collate when on the move. Using a portable scanner will help keep things systemised, in order, and easily transferrable or retrievable. Perfect for ensuring you run a paperless office even when you are travelling.

Smart pen
Note taking can be much more powerful when you use a smart pen. Able to record what you are writing and back it up to a central cloud based source, your notes will enter the paperless age and your mind will benefit from the lack of clutter.

USB wireless adapter
When travelling, the hotel Internet connection is something that is relied upon heavily. However, sometimes the wireless signals are not strong enough to maintain a consistent uplink, even in the best hotels. This is where a wireless adapter will boost your signal and ensure a stable connection, so you can focus on working without any interruptions to your connection, which can wreak havoc particularly in the middle of an important document or presentation.

Noise cancelling headphones
When flying, a set of noise cancelling headphones can make all the difference between arriving at your destination feeling mentally relaxed or completely unrested. They also provide an excellent way to focus on your work, whether on the plane or in your hotel room.

USB security key
When travelling and conducting important business, the safety of your information is paramount. A USB security key can provide additional piece of mind in case your laptop falls into the wrong hands. It also effectively allows you to manage your login using a specific key rather than a password (which is more easily hacked).

With so many gadgets available, it is important to consider the type of business trip you are embarking upon when deciding which items to take. Extra bulk results in more hassle and less efficiency, but with this extensive range of useful gadgets, no business trip will feel like a compromise from a work productivity perspective.

Most importantly, ensure you always travel in comfort and style when visiting your next business destination by choosing ExecuJet for all your private charter needs.

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