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Luxaviation Group is proud to be supporting rising British pianist George Harliono, aged 18, by leasing a Steinway & Sons Model B, one of the most highly regarded pianos in classical music, for his personal use.

George Harliono made his first hour-long solo recital at the age of nine and has since performed in numerous locations in the UK, US, Europe and Asia.


9 Key Considerations When Booking Accommodation for a Business Trip

The choices can sometimes feel endless when looking to book a hotel room for a business trip, especially if you’re planning to stay in a large city. With lots of places offering great views, food, and service, what are the key needs when booking a room for a business trip? Sometimes you’ll have no choice and your company will book it for you, but if you have the option to choose where to stay, there are a few considerations to have in mind before making your booking.

1. Look at reviews

Although reviews and star ratings shouldn’t be your only way of finding a place to stay, they are a good place to start. There are excellent travel sites with reviews from people who have stayed there, helping to shed a light on both the good and bad experiences had by other people. This will give you a better idea of what customers think of the place you plan to stay in.

2. Find a one-stop shop

Having a place to stay that has every convenience at your feet is going to make your trip a  whole lot better. Instead of wasting time travelling to other venues like cafes, gym, restaurants, bars, and places to hold meetings, check into a hotel that has all these amenities and services in-house and save yourself travelling time. Conference rooms are sometimes a little harder to find in a hotel, so be sure to expand your search if you really think you’ll be needing this service.

3. Complimentary travel needs

Some hotels will have complimentary services like shuttles and private drivers. Getting to and from an airport will be made a lot easier with a shuttle, plus you can cut the cost of organising a driver, taxi, or even car rental. You’ll be able to get around town a lot easier, and you won’t have to account for time spent waiting for a driver or taxi to show up.

4. Look for unlimited Wi-Fi

It may seem obvious, but you should check that the hotel you’re considering has free Wi-Fi available, with no cap. A lot of the time hotels will advertise Wi-Fi but not mention that it costs money or is capped. The last thing you want to do is have to fork out money for data to get in touch with people while you’re away. So check for that Wi-Fi is both free and unlimited to have peace of mind that you won’t run out of data when downloading emails and files.

5. Check for in-room phones

You may have a smartphone, but having another phone in your room will make it a lot easier on your pocket, particularly if you’re overseas and want to avoid those hefty roaming charges. Some ‘trendy’ hotels are starting to get rid of ‘unnecessary’ amenities to save the customer money on their room price, so check that your hotel still provides a phone in your room and don’t take it for granted.

6. Research the neighbourhood

You may think that staying right in the midst of it all is a great choice as it’s easier to get to meetings and appointments, but staying right in the heart of the financial district - for example - leaves the streets scarily empty after business hours.Take a look online at where most of your time will be spent, and see if you can find a spot nearby that’s still got some life at night.

7. Look for security

It’s important to feel safe when staying in an unfamiliar place. If possible, stay somewhere with a well-lit reception that has nighttime security on hand and late reception staff. If you’re able to, choose a hotel where access to guest levels requires a security pass. This ensures that only guests will be wandering the rooms of the hotel, helping to keep yourself and your belongings safe.

8. Stay away from popular attractions

It might be nice to see the Sydney Opera House from your window, or the London Eye as you wake up in the morning, but this will only increase the price you’re paying each night. You’ll also find that the hotel is a lot busier. Tourists certainly enjoy these kinds of views and the convenience of being close to everything, but when travelling on business you may want somewhere quiet to ensure you can work in peace and still get a good night’s rest.

9. Don’t overindulge

Unless your employer has recommended or advised to stay in a 5 star hotel, you should remember that your stay is for business and not pleasure. There are plenty of 3 and 4 star hotels across the globe that will offer friendly service along with all the amenities you’ll need for your business trip. As well as providing all your needs, they’ll also be a lot more economical on your wallet. So while the urge to splash out may be there, try to resist it for something a little more practical.

Most importantly, ensure you always travel in comfort and style when visiting your next business destination by choosing ExecuJet for all your private charter needs.

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