January 18, 2019

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Luxembourg/ San Francisco (CA)– Luxaviation Group, one of the largest private aircraft operators worldwide, who is presenting today at the first edition of Revolution Aero in San Francisco (CA), signed an MOU with air transportation provider Flugauto, confirming its unique solution supply for the emerging VTOL (Vertical Take Off and Landing) business.


ExecuJet’s FBO Growth – Expanding a Footprint Where Our Customers Need to Be, Both Today and Tomorrow


By Gerrit Basson, CEO, ExecuJet

Ever since ExecuJet opened its first FBO in Johannesburg, South Africa, in 1991 we have consistently expanded into important markets with each passing year. This year is no exception with the opening and/or expansion of three new FBOs that enhance what makes ExecuJet a leader in business aviation — our wide global reach. 

Our clients are always seeking opportunities to expand their businesses and reach new markets. ExecuJet does the same because we know we must grow in order to respond to keep pace with the growth of our clients. In fact, we need to constantly be on top of regional growth trends and aware of expanding and emerging markets, because past experience has demonstrated those are the locations where our customers need to be served by business aviation.

This is why we are constantly increasing our physical footprint and diversifying our geographic reach, as it allows our customers to rely on our extensive fleet of aircraft and broad network of FBOs to take them where they are going – both now and in the future. Our broad global scope is a large part of what makes us unique as a private aviation service provider, and what distinguishes us from the competition. By adding to our portfolio of FBOs we demonstrate our ongoing commitment to listening to our customers, while expanding the ExecuJet brand and capacity.

Three New Locations

The three new facilities that have recently joined the ExecuJet family couldn’t be from more diverse locations around the world. They are:

  • Riyadh, Saudi Arabia – NAS-ExecuJet (our partnership with National Air Services) opened an additional FBO facility at King Khalid International Airport in early February.
  • New Delhi, India – Together with our Indian partner, The Bird Group, ExecuJet was one of only a small handful of groups allowed to be party to the development at Indira Gandhi International Airport, where our FBO and MRO facilities will be situated. We anticipate having a maintenance, planning and engineering team in place within the next three months.
  • Munich, Germany – We began operating our new Munich FBO on 1 February this year, having acquired the facility from the former European Business Aviation Services. This is our second German facility, after Berlin Schoenefeld.


These locations are all carefully and strategically selected — based on myriad factors including customer need, accessibility, political stability, economic viability and regional infrastructure. In short, these locations are critical to our clients’ continued success and thus also to our success.

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  • RonaldM Mar 31 2016, 21:58
    Just don't wonna stop hearing about New things evolving the execujet way,let's keep flying.