April 23, 2019

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Time for Charter Means More Time for Everything Else


By: Christophe Lapierre, Chief Commercial Officer

Did you know that 88% of the top 50 companies by revenue in the Fortune Global 500 rely on business aviation, according to a 2013 NEXA Advisors study? Irrespective of size, the key benefit that business aviation users cite, over and over, is the time savings they realise from flying privately.

From poets to politicians, physicists to financiers, time is the currency that underscores every transaction, every creative endeavour, every opportunity. Make more of it, spend less of it, stretch it, multiply it, make it move faster, slower, even sideways – all industries and vocations want to manipulate time in some form or another.

Business aviation literally allows busy executives to create time that works for them, rather than always working against the clock.Philosopher Albert Schopenhauer wrote: “The common man is not concerned about the passage of time, the man of talent is driven by it.” And as such, every businessperson, executive and manager should find every way to harness as much of their time as possible. While Delorean-style time travel may not be the answer, private business aircraft deliver a solution that gives any business an unparalleled competitive advantage.

The Business Benefits of Private Aviation

A chartered aircraft means less time waiting in queues and getting off the ground and more time for in-flight productivity. A chartered aircraft also means less time wading through Customs and lengthy safety procedures, and more time resting or refreshing oneself before the big meeting. In the air there is greater efficiency freeing more time for increased focus and for personal flexibility.

Still not convinced? Consider the following statistics from an EBAA-commissioned 2016 study (conducted by Booz Allen Hamilton in collaboration with Deutsches Zentrum für Luft-und Raumfahrt) that reveals even more compelling reasons why time is on your side when chartering private business aircraft:

  • Average time saved using a business aviation flight versus the fastest commercial alternative is 127 minutes per trip, equalling about two months of time saved per company per year;
  • The value of the total time saved by business aviation is approximately 2,600 full-time equivalents (FTE) annually;
  • Although certain long-haul flights might be faster with commercial jets, about 20% of business aviation flights are more than five hours faster than the best commercial alternative;
  • For itineraries where users visit more than one destination in a day, business aviation saved European businesses around €15 million in avoided overnight hotel nights;
  • The productive work time by each employee flying with business aviation per single trip is 155 minutes higher than the productive work time generated flying on a commercial flight;
  • Business aviation saves about 1,825 days annually from reduced delays, compared to commercial aviation.

In the air, your time and productivity are both enhanced. And with private aviation, you are more efficient on the ground too – no connections, less downtime, more-productive connectivity. You choose how best to spend it.


Luxaviation Group is one of the world’s largest corporate aircraft operators, with 146 aircraft available for charter, 260 aircraft under management and 1,500 employees across the globe. We have the resources to help you stretch, slow, and expand your time in just the way you need.

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