January 18, 2019

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Luxembourg/ San Francisco (CA)– Luxaviation Group, one of the largest private aircraft operators worldwide, who is presenting today at the first edition of Revolution Aero in San Francisco (CA), signed an MOU with air transportation provider Flugauto, confirming its unique solution supply for the emerging VTOL (Vertical Take Off and Landing) business.


Why Our New Uniforms Are inspired by Aviation’s Golden and Glamorous Age


By Jana App-Sandering

As Luxaviation’s Group Client Service Chief, my job is to assure that everyone who flies with us has a superior, customised and memorable VIP experience. At Luxaviation, the expectations our clients have of their journey are more than merely an inflight experience that matches the service levels of high-class restaurants – that goes without saying. We need our clients to feel special and enjoy a memorable in-flight and on-the-ground voyage. Every flight is like a customised event and we are the event manager.


We are expected to deliver superior service to a VIP clientele that is accustomed to five-star treatment everywhere they go. When you are the chief executive of a multinational corporation, head of state or a ultra-high-net-worth individual, you are accustomed to (indeed surrounded by) five-star treatment all the time: at your hotel when you travel, by your staff at work, when shopping, perhaps by domestic staff at home. When regular five-star treatment is the norm, anything less than that feels inferior. So how does Luxaviation exceed such high expectations for service at 30,000 feet?


Client-Focused Culture

Companies that excel in delivering exceptional service do so by creating a “service-first” environment. Luxaviation Group is no different. For example, Luxaviation Group is currently in the midst of the exclusive Journey of Service Excellence program from Ritz-Carlton, a recognised global leader in VIP service excellence. This intensive program includes staff-wide training, the refinement and alignment of a consistent service culture, and empowerment and problem resolution training.


Another highly visible aspect of our service-first culture is our new Luxaviation cabin service representative uniforms, inspired by the elegant vintage look of the 1950s. In April, we rolled out the new attire to our cabin service representatives globally. New classic pilot versions will soon follow.


The look of the new uniforms is designed to bring our customers back to the “glamorous golden age of air travel;” elegant and feminine, topped off with white gloves and the uniquely designed headpiece.


In designing the cabin service representatives’ uniforms, it was very important that they be both stylish and functional. I selected fabrics that were comfortable and didn’t restrict movement, but drew inspiration from Dior’s iconic “New Look” hourglass silhouette for the overall design, thus ensuring a classic and glamorous look. Other features, such as a bespoke hat, white gloves, and high heels that are worn on welcomes and goodbyes, add sophisticated flair. Attendants change into ballet flats for practical purposes during in-flight service, and these finer details remind our clients that their time in the air with Luxaviation is more than just a flight from A to B. Each individual client is important to us and deserves the best possible service experience.


In many ways, the cabin service representative is the ambassador of the company – the person who delivers the face-to-face, superior in-flight experience that makes a lasting impression on our clients. Our new uniforms should convey to our clients that their time spent flying with Luxaviation is truly special, and to remind them in a small way of the attention we pay to every aspect of their journey.


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  • RonaldM May 20 2016, 11:29
    The combination of the colours of the hat,scarves and shoes is so eye catching,thus the whole presentation sends the relaxed and comfortable first sight on ground go fly signals that words can't express.
  • Ferran Ruiz Jun 09 2016, 19:21
    Everything Feels cool, unless the hat, maybe a trendy one as a vintage look, but it doesn't already feeds, for me honestly.
  • Ferran Ruiz Jun 09 2016, 21:55
    Sorry, I wrote a reply before, and did couple of mistakes: where I say "it doesn't feeds" referring to the vintage hat, I should have said "it doesn't fits", but anyway, it fits, and feeds the comfortable image of a vintage style, what I surely would sign, is that I do really like this dress as a uniform, but don't feel totally convinced about this hat. Thanks, Cheers!