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ExecuJet Johannesburg: A City of Natural Treasures, from Gold to Forests

When a business trip to South Africa beckons, ExecuJet’s Johannesburg FBO at Lanseria International Airport will be your home base for easy and efficient arrivals and departures from Africa’s second-largest city. First thing you need to learn about this city, among the world’s largest without a navigable waterway, is that locals never refer to it by its full name. It’s always Joburg or maybe Jozi.

Upon leaving Lanseria, you will see a city in flux and a renaissance in action unfolding before your eyes – with a compact history that goes from gold to green. In between meetings or layovers as you wait to transit domestically, take some time to see for yourself the ways in which the city affectionately known as Joburg is changing.

Sprouting from the gold rush that dominated the local economy starting in the late 19th century, Joburg grew quickly and prosperously. As the gold economy lessened and other industries grew to fill the space, so did Joburg’s trees. Considered unofficially to be the world’s largest man-made urban forest, the city is awash in green, and the Johannesburg City Parks department plans to keep planting trees, focussing especially on more impoverished areas.

Amidst the green trees is green of another kind – the changing face of some of the key neighbourhoods and the economic vitality that accompanies it. The neighbourhoods of Newtown and Braamfontein offer an eclectic mix of culture, nightlife and dining. The once-maligned Inner City is now becoming quite a tourist destination with new sights popping up on every corner. Having undergone extensive urban renewal, the area known as Maboneng is hip and urban. For the architecture enthusiast, Joburg is among the leading cities in the world in its number of art-deco buildings.

If one thing is for certain, food is a key component of any visit to the city. With a historically diverse immigrant population, you can find almost any kind of international cuisine in Joburg. However, be sure not miss South African specialities that have emerged from the merging of traditional, local foods with immigrant flavours and influences. Dishes such as chakalaka and pap (a spiced vegetable dish and a version of corn porridge), bunny chow (hollowed out loaves of bread, stuffed with spicy curry), and bobotie (minced meat simmered with spices, herbs, and dried fruit, then baked with a mixture of egg and milk), will make you want to return for second helpings and a second visit.

ExecuJet has called Lanseria International Airport home since 1991, and our presence is established and respected here. From the excellent customer service to the skilled ground crew, engineers, and operators that run the facilities, everything you need to further your own business success can be found here. Next time business beckons in South Africa, the ExecuJet base in Johannesburg is the perfect starting point for exploring this changing and thriving city.

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