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5 Must-Visit Restaurants in Johannesburg

Johannesburg is one of the most culturally diverse cities in South Africa. As a result, the array of restaurants, food and dining options in the city are equally exciting. Johannesburg offers an amazing array of dining options featuring cuisine from around the world. Whether you’re looking for smokey southern style BBQ ribs, steaming dim sum, wood fired authentic African cuisine or incredible Indian food, you’ll find something to suit every taste in Johannesburg.

Johannesburg's best restaurants tend to be far-flung and sparsely located throughout the city. The best eateries pop up in the most unlikely of neighbourhoods. For the most part, Johannesburg restaurants are quite casual. Even fine dining eateries have a fairly casual dress code in place.

Narrowing down a list of the best five restaurants in Johannesburg is tough as it’s just so culturally diverse food-wise. However we’ve delivered a quick guide to the top five Johannesburg restaurants guaranteed to deliver a truly amazing dining experience.

  1.     Cube Tasting Kitchen

This is a must-visit restaurant offering the opportunity to sample a plethora of international and European cuisine. The idea behind the dining experience offered at the Cube Tasting Kitchen is really creative with an open plan kitchen encouraging interaction with the team of chefs so you can see for yourself the level of work and preparation that goes into each dish.

Each course is brought to your table and explained in detail with the ever-changing menus exploring a combination of the Chef’s talents and deliberated on for days in advance. The team will help you to select drinks which will best complement each course. The Cube Tasting Kitchen offers one of the most unique, exciting tasting experiences you’ll find anywhere in the world.

  1.     Licorish Bistro

Although located in a mall, Licorish Bistro offers a relaxing, ambient dining experience. Whether visiting for breakfast, lunch or dinner, the quality of the menu options remains consistent and interesting. For breakfast, you’ll choose from one of the most extensive breakfast menus in Johannesburg. Choose from frittatas, rostis, fritters, French toast, porridge or a fry-up breakfast with egg, pork sausage, streaky bacon and tomatoes.

Licorish Bistro is incredibly popular for lunch and evening time meetings with friends, family and business acquaintances. We thoroughly recommend their diverse street food menu with jerk chicken, nkomazi chicken curry and stoneground rye to name some of the many options. The prawn gatsby and the trio with steak and lamb is also highly recommended.

  1.     Mo-Zam-Bik Linksfield

If you’re searching for the best seafood restaurant in Johannesburg, you’ve found it in Mo-Zam-Bik Linksfield. Part of a chain of six restaurants, Mo-Zam-Bik Linksfield offers the perfect authentic Portuguese dining experience. The vibe is chilled, with no-frills but the food is exceptionally flavoured. Mo-Zam-Bik is known for its delectable fish or prawn dishes topped with a variety of sauces. We would especially recommend their seafood combos so you can taste their delicious prawns and fish options alongside traditional Portuguese Espetada, Trinchado and Prego Rolls. It’s the most fun, no frills, flavour filled restaurant in Johannesburg.

  1.    Café del Sol Classico

Offering an array of Italian, Mediterranean and European cuisine, Café del Sol Classico is the best rated restaurant in the entire city of Johannesburg. The premise of this restaurant is simple but superb. They pride themselves on delivering wholesome dishes that utterly delight the palate and the senses. With Café del Sol Classico, it’s all about using the finest, freshest Italian ingredients served immediately from pan to plate.

Since opening in 2007, Café del Sol Classico has become a treasured favourite among both local and international lovers of Italian food.

  1.     Tashas

If you’re looking for healthy options in Johannesburg, Tashas is undoubtedly your best bet. With a strong focus on using the finest, freshest ingredients and allowing the ingredients to stand out, Tashas don’t do complicated cooking. Their menu options are healthy and wholesome and are real “feel good” foods. Start your day with polenta porridge, a hummus toastie, Turkish eggs or Jett and Luke’s mini breakfast rolls. Or you might like to sit and enjoy coffee and a delicious salad of pickled beetroot, quinoa, hazelnuts, feta and pomegranate salad.

For a quick lunch option, grab a lettuce cup burger, peanut protein smoothie, a quesadilla or butternut salad. In the evening you can keep your health kick going with a delicious napoletana pasta dish, salmon tartare and steak tagliata. Live a little on the wild side and have a local beer or one of Tashas special cocktails to wind down. Wholesome food, minimal processing, healthy and high quality ingredients – you’ll adore Tashas.

There are more than five!

There you have it, five awesome eateries to sample on your visit to Johannesburg. We think these are your best options, but there are so many more to explore. The city is jam-packed with samples of every single international cuisine and is a haven for foodies.

Luxaviation can provide you with easy and stylish transport to Johannesburg today in one of our private charter jets. Contact us now to find out how we can help you visit this beautiful city.

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