February 23, 2019

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From Runway to the River: Exploring Zurich

Have a spare afternoon after a morning meeting in one of the world’s top financial centres? Or thinking of spending the weekend in the city ranked second in the world (according to Mercer’s rankings) for quality of living? Then practice your Swiss-German dialect and hit the streets of Zurich. Say “Grüezi” as you enter a bakery and order “Chäs-Chüechli” (savoury cake made with cheese) with coffee and prepare for an invigorating and immersive experience getting to know the largest city in Switzerland.

Given its status as a global financial hub, is it really a surprise that the Roman settlement once known as Turicum was an important centre for collecting taxes on goods trafficked on the river Limmat? Evidence of this history, as well as that of its medieval centre, are found at Lindenhof hill and the Altstadt (Old Town). Nestled right along the banks of the river, this is the centre point from where the city grew to the size it is today - and a great place to start any modern-day tour.

Don’t Miss the Boat

From the Altstadt, hop on one of Zurich’s many boat tours, known collectively as the Limmatschifffahrt, and see unique views of the city from the water. While these flat boats glide effortlessly under the many low-hanging bridges that span the river, you can spy sunbathers and swimmers at one of the trendy Badi’s dotting the river banks, and alight at one of the many stopping points that will direct you to other points of interest.

After the boat tour you may find yourself wandering the Bahnhoffstrasse, considered one of the most expensive shopping streets in the world. Or if you fancy a bite to eat, never fear: in Zurich, you can find any number of variations of “edible culture” that are synonymous with the Swiss, including chocolate, cervelats, fondue, raclette, muesli, cheese and rosti. And don’t forget the famous Zurcher geschnetzeltes (a local specialty) which is a ragout of veal and mushrooms - perfect for a warming lunch.

Art galleries, theatre (the most important theatre in the German-speaking world is the Schauspielhaus Zürich), shopping, architecture, easy access to the Alps, clean and inviting public spaces, open green areas, and a fantastic public transportation network make any time spent in the city well-worth the effort (though it really won’t be any effort at all).

Jetting off to Davos

Our Zurich FBO is the ideal access point for the annual World Economic Forum (WEF) in Davos, which welcomes over 2,500 leaders of state, innovation and industry each year. Unlike any other operator at Zurich Airport, ExecuJet are the only private handling agent whom operate as a full service aircraft handling facility at their FBO. Unique to ExecuJet at Zurich Airport is a Private Hangar (2500m2), Private Ramp (4000m2), Private VIP Lounge and separate Pilot Lounge with crew rest area (1000m2) and secure vehicle parking available both inside (500m2) and outside. The friendly team can also provide full passenger handling, customs, and immigration, as well as helicopter transfers to Davos and back. As such, ExecuJet are able to accommodate the vast uplift in private aircraft traffic around the WEF and are the operator of choice year on year for the Davos held event.

You can easily reach all Zurich has to offer when landing at ExecuJet’s Zurich FBO, located at the ExecuJet Aviation Centre at Zurich International Airport. With a private ramp and VIP passenger lounge on the airfield, the multifunctional and state-of-the-art facility offers an array of amenities designed for convenience, comfort and effectiveness. If your business, or your pleasure, takes you to Zurich, let ExecuJet help you get there.

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