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Davos 2017: A Gathering of Not Only Elite Economic Leaders, But the Best in Private Aviation

At the 47th Davos World Economic Forum (WEF) Annual Meeting, the global political elite, economic heavyweights, and public personalities-turned-spokespeople-for-world-causes gather. From 17-20 January, 2017 – as these economic pundits, pioneers, and pacesetters mingle, meet and debate – ExecuJet will be equally busy helping Forum attendees get where they need to be.

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Without a doubt, the WEF is not only a world-class gathering of economic intelligentsia, but also of business aviation providers. From the isolated alpine location to the security and discretion required by the attendees, Davos continues to be the gold standard for anyone looking to serve VIPs and showcase excellence within the private aviation industry. Since 2003 when ExecuJet opened for business at the Zurich FBO, each year we have grown in our reach, capacity and continued mission to support our clients taking advantage of our services for WEF. 2017 is sure to be yet another opportunity for ExecuJet to show the business aviation community, and the world, that we are at the top of our game.

Looking back at the 2016 WEF, we can anticipate that 2017 will hold an equal, if not increased, number of opportunities for us to excel. Below are some numbers:

  • 58% of ExecuJet clients flew in from the UK, Ireland, and other Western and Eastern European locations – mainly short- and medium-haul flights (3-6 hours)
  • 42% of ExecuJet clients arrived from the rest of the world (Africa/Middle East, Asia Pacific/India, North America and Latin America); mainly medium to long-haul flights (6 hours+)
  • Of all flights that we handled at the 2016 event, the following aircraft type were the most common (ranked):
  1. Bombardier Global series (including the Global Express, Global Express XRS, Global 5000, and Global 6000)
  2. Dassault Falcon 7X
  3. Gulfstream G550

With our Zurich FBO, ExecuJet is again able to provide a full range of service options, from simple requests to longer-term aircraft parking, for clients. As WEF 2017 quickly approaches, we look forward to repeating to what we do best: Ensuring clients arrive safely, transporting them to their destination at/near the event as quickly as possible, and looking after their aircraft and other logistics – so that they can focus on their presence on Davos’s big stage.

Whether or not you have clients attending this year’s WEF in Davos, we hope to have the chance to see you in Zurich or another of our leading FBOs around the world soon.

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