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Gourmet Guide: The Top 5 Restaurants in Valencia

Valencia is one of the most beautiful cities in Spain, and it's ideally located to provide you with incredible culinary experiences that will surely see you returning for more. As it's a coastal city, you should find the opportunity to try fresh fish and seafood a welcome change from the steak overload most travellers through Spain often experience.

It's not easy to go wrong in Valencia, as there's such a good selection of quality restaurants of a high standard, but for those occasions when you really need something special, these five restaurants are our selection as the best Valencia has to offer.

1. Restaurante Navarro

This fine restaurant has been in existence since 1951, a family-run business now in its third generation. Possibly one of the reasons as to why it has survived so long is the outstanding quality of everything they prepare. Another reason is that they were around before ‘fine dining’ became a buzzword, meaning the prices are realistic, the food is great, the portions are generous, and the service is stellar.

While there's a huge list of A’la Carte options available to choose from, the easiest way to enjoy a fantastic meal here is to stick with the set menu of a three course meal, complete with drinks, for the incredibly low price of just €22 ($23 USD).

2. El Bolon Verde

This is a cosy and somewhat unusual venue where you're apt to feel more like you're dining in somebody's home than in a restaurant. The menu is seafood oriented, and is a fixed meal of several courses that will cost around €25 to €35 per person (the exact number of courses and exact cost may vary at different times).

The hosts are very welcoming and the food is universally raved about. If you are looking for the soul of Spanish food, you will find it at El Bolon Verde. They can also cater to a number of different dietary requirements, including gluten free diets.

3. Ricard Camerena

From the interior styling of this restaurant, you could be forgiven for thinking that you'd accidentally walked into a IKEA store. While this may seem a little unusual at first, you'll also realise that it's very comfortable, and somehow just feels right.

This is an upmarket gastronomic adventure in the regional cuisine, and there's a certain element of seriousness in it. You'll find that the service and preparation is not just professional, it's also a bit intense. It's a precision that you'd more likely expect to find somewhere like Germany or Switzerland, but it is a dedication to excellence that has helped this restaurant win a Michelin Star.

It can be a little hard to understand at first what you are getting yourself into here, but once you relax and go with the flow, you will find the atmosphere and concept really grows on you. The most popular dining option here is the eight course taster menu (€105/$111 USD), and it is best to include the optional wine pairing at €55 ($58 USD).

4. El Poblet

The interior of this restaurant is divided into a number of different dining areas which each have a different theme and feel. It's a very arty kind of place, and certainly has a unique character. The food isn't quite as traditional as most of the others on this list, as they’ve aimed to put a few twists onto their extensive menu.

It's probably one of those places where you're either going to love it or you're going to hate it, depending on how you feel about dining on rose petals, or being served a solitary prawn. The food is creative, delectable, and truly something special.

The price for the El Poblet Tastings multi-course set menu is €55 ($58 USD), or there's a more expensive and extensive Historic Tastings set menu at €82 ($87 USD). They also offer a wine pairing option for extra cost. A’ la Carte dining is also available, with individual main dishes averaging around €25 ($26 USD) each.

5. La Cantinella

This restaurant has a lot of personality, and it's quite a contrast to the seriousness of the Ricard Carmena or the trippiness of El Poblet (both Michelin Star awardees). It just feels more intimate, warm, and personal… the perfect spot for a romantic date. A family-run business that offers Italian food with a twist of Spanish influence. As both Napoli and Valencia are coastal cities, it's hardly surprising that seafood is the main feature.

There is a tasting menu available or you can dine A’la Carte. With regard to the tasting menus, you have a choice of seafood (‘de mar’) at €40 ($42 USD), non-seafood (‘de tierra’) at €30 ($32), or both (‘mixto’) at €35 ($37USD).

Valencia is truly a paradise for the gourmet traveller

Once you've arrived in Valencia as a tourist or for a business trip, there's a very real chance you'd seriously think about moving here. The lifestyle is just sublime, and there's such a wonderful variety of restaurants available to suit all tastes and budgets. If you can only choose one destination for the next year, Valencia should be among your top considerations, because it really is idyllic.

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