June 21, 2018

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Wherever, Whenever: ExecuJet’s Spanish Network of FBOs Offer More Together

Wherever, Whenever: ExecuJet’s Spanish Network of FBOs Offer More Together

Spain is many things to many people. For some, it is the promise of warm sunshine, savoury tapas and lively nightlife. For others, it is the cultivation of business relationships in a culturally rich region. Somewhere in the middle are those who seek world-class sporting events and a multitude of conferences rounded out by art, world-leading cuisine and natural beauty. Whatever your clients need from your visit to Spain, they are sure to find it in the “Land of the Setting Sun”.

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ExecuJet has four FBOs located throughout the country: Barcelona, Gerona, Valencia and Ibiza. At each facility, you can expect ExecuJet’s signature quality when it comes to expertly completing all flight-related logistics, including handling, baggage, Customs and catering. But that isn’t all – quantity is also on your side. Because there are four FBOs, in addition to a regional Headquarters in Palma de Mallorca, you can accomplish so much more. Local knowledge ensures we, at ExecuJet, can make it to your destination even when unforeseen events arise or make special requests for a service or amenity. In addition, domestic transport is that much easier with the presence of four possible ports of entry.

Award Winning FBO Facilities and Service Excellence. Globally.

The Spanish system of ExecuJet FBOs are well-established with a floorless level of customer service. The proof is in the numbers: in 2016, we handled over 750 flights to and from over 50 countries from around the world within our Spanish facilities alone. Aircraft ran the gamut, including long-range jets such as the Gulfstream 550, medium-distance aircraft like the Cessna 500 and even small vessels for short hops. Don’t forget that because the Spanish FBOs are part of our larger and more extensive system of ExecuJet locations, getting anywhere else from a quick intra-European flight to something farther afield is simplified. Our staff can work quickly and efficiently with colleagues within our global network of award winning facilities to ensure a seamless, enjoyable journey to your final destination.

Whether you are visiting Valencia for a business meeting, Barcelona for a trade show or Ibiza for a summer holiday, there is always something more to be had. The advantage of Spain, and the further advantage of ExecuJet in Spain, is that you can truly make your visit even more than just what you need, it can be what you want.

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