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Busy Streets Mean Better Business: The ExecuJet Lagos FBO

Nigerian-American writer Teju Cole once wrote that “the energies of Lagos life – creative, malevolent, ambiguous – converge at the bus stops”. As an economic mainstay of the African continent, Lagos, Nigeria embodies the energy, dynamism and youth that characterise the seventh most populous country in the world. It is a decidedly urban landscape bordered to the south by relaxing beach resorts on the Gulf of Guinea and sprawling neighbourhoods to the north. It is no wonder that the places and spaces where business, creativity and relationships are forged is concentrated amongst the cityscape and its people.

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If business takes you to the busy streets of Lagos, Nigeria, the ExecuJet FBO located at Murtala Muhammed International Airport is your on-the-ground resource for managing your time in the capital city. Despite being a sprawling business hub, however, corporate travel to and within Lagos can be challenging. Operating 24 hours a day, ExecuJet’s FBO is equipped not only with expert, local staff who can help you navigate your time on the ground, but also boasts a robust EASA line maintenance facility. The city’s overall inadequate infrastructure struggles to keep up with the current surge in business tourism and, quite importantly, one must be mindful of the safety and security concerns when traveling to the West African city. With ground support, catering, handling, security, Customs and a variety of other onsite support services, the ExecuJet Lagos FBO has everything you need to make travel to/from and through Lagos an efficient and enjoyable experience. Our staff at the ExecuJet Lagos FBO can arrange ground transport for both clients and crew at the locations they are flying to and from. We can also assist with logistics at base and away from base, with bespoke services including VIP, diplomatic and crisis flights.

Africa’s Big Apple

If you’re serious about doing business in Africa, there is a good chance you are already doing business in Lagos, Nigeria. Lagos’s former governor Babatunda Fashola marketed the city as “Africa’s Big Apple”. In fact, like New York, Lagos has a multitude of thriving industries, with its growing film (in Lagos it’s called Nollywood) and fashion industries. Of course, it’s no secret that Nigeria’s oil is its biggest economic draw, but Lagos is also the hub of Nigeria’s banking activity, boasting retail, transport, construction and manufacturing operations as well. Today, Lagos, Nigeria has emerged as a major hub for the headquarters of international companies and the complex business and professional services that support them. Consequently, business aviation in Nigeria is growing every year, along with the need for experienced aircraft maintenance.

If you happen to have some spare time to explore the streets of Lagos, you can see for yourself what gives the city its character. Visit Jazz Hole, a book and music oasis in the midst of the frenetic action, or stroll the gallery aisles of the four-story Nike Art Gallery, featuring the work of local artist Nike Okundaye. The Lekki Market and Ikeja City Mall offer insight into local fashion and lifestyle preferences, while visits to Elegushi Beach and the Lekki Conservation Centre will rejuvenate your senses with scenic beauty. There are countless restaurants and eateries and opportunities to enjoy music and local culture. Lagos also hosts an almost-endless stream of conferences that focus on a variety of economic, business and agricultural themes presenting additional opportunities for networking.

Speaking about his time spent in a city once considered “under the radar” when it came to global attention, Dutch architect Rem Koolhaas commented, “Lagos was the ultimate dysfunctional city - but actually, in terms of all the initiatives and ingenuity, it mobilised an incredibly beautiful, almost utopian landscape of independence and agency”. In that sense, any trip that takes you to or through Lagos will undoubtedly be rewarding and eye-opening, and the ExecuJet Lagos FBO will ensure you get the most of your time conducting business in this dynamic city.

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