April 23, 2021

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Luxaviation Group is proud to be supporting rising British pianist George Harliono, aged 18, by leasing a Steinway & Sons Model B, one of the most highly regarded pianos in classical music, for his personal use.

George Harliono made his first hour-long solo recital at the age of nine and has since performed in numerous locations in the UK, US, Europe and Asia.


From Culture to Cocktails: 24 Hours in Wellington

One of the best parts about travelling for work is being able to spend a bit of spare time exploring what each city has to offer. But what if you only have a day to spare? You may think this is not nearly enough time to take in a new location. But if you plan your itinerary wisely, you’d be amazed by how much you can do and see in a day. One place we always look forward to visiting is Wellington, the culinary and cultural capital of New Zealand.

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If you have a spare day between meetings to do some sightseeing, read through our recommendations, put together an itinerary, and see how much of this majestic city you can enjoy in 24 hours.

A cultural experience

Whether you fancy yourself as an art-lover, or perhaps you enjoy a little history, visiting Te Papa Museum is a must. It a great place to develop your understanding and appreciation for New Zealand’s unique cultural heritage, and it’s completely free to enjoy.

Escape to Oriental Bay

Only 10 minutes from the heart of Wellington is Oriental Bay, a great place to escape and unwind. It’s the perfect place to take a break, have a snack or get some great photos. If the weather is warm, it’s a beautiful  spot to do some swimming, or if it’s too cool to take a dip, taking a walk allows you to enjoy beautiful views of Wellington Harbour.

Rare retail at Brown & Co.

If you’re looking for a retail experience that is a little out of the ordinary, definitely make time in your day to check out Brown & Co. Walking into this store is like stepping into a time warp. The music you hear is from a record player, price tags are hand-written and the staff always have time to chat and make you feel welcome. From taxidermy to science equipment and artworks, there is plenty here to keep you interested for a while, and a great place to shop for interesting gifts for family and friends.

A Mt Victoria sunset

As the sun goes down over Wellington, head to Mt Victoria for the best sunset view in the city. You can drive to the top or even walk or run if you want to squeeze some exercise into your day. From the top, you can marvel at the 360 degree views of the city and enjoy the stunning sunset. It’s the perfect way to end the day and get some great photos to look back on when you’re home.

Dinner time

Appreciating foreign sunsets is great, but the best part about exploring a new city is seeing what food and drink it has on offer. Wellington has some of the freshest produce in New Zealand and an abundance of high quality restaurants to seek out and enjoy. If you enjoy art, Hippopotamus Restaurant and Cocktail Bar should definitely be on your list of places to try. Situated in the Museum Art Hotel, you can enjoy your meal while taking in outstanding views of Wellington Harbour. The dishes are inspired by French gastronomy and are almost works of art in themselves.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      

If you’re looking for something a little more relaxed, there are hundreds of fantastic restaurants to choose from in this bustling city, so go exploring and see what takes your fancy.

A night cap

What better way to end your day in Wellington than with a memorable cocktail at the The Matterhorn on Cuba Street. They have an extensive cocktail list, including a handful of older recipes that are usually hard to find and they even use house-made spirits in some of their recipes. To top it off, DJ’s and live musicians provide top-notch musical entertainment. However, if you’re looking for somewhere a little quieter. check out the lounge bar at The Library. They have a selection of fantastic drinks, surrounded by a beautiful library of books.

A day ‘well’ spent in Wellington

With a vibrant dining culture, city markets, walking trails, breathtaking waterfronts and some of the best craft beer on the planet, there’s something for everyone in Wellington. All you need is enthusiasm and a well planned itinerary, you can make every hour count in this compact and welcoming city.

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