July 19, 2018

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Brussels FBO: Discover the Hidden Charm of Europe’s Capital

Brussels may be best known for its status as the bureaucratic heart of the EU, chocolate, frites and beer. But when you scrape a bit beneath the surface, you see that the Belgian capital has a lot more to offer. Entering the capital via ExecuJet’s executive terminal allows you to circumvent one of the largest airports in Europe and effortlessly begin discovering all that Brussels has to offer.

Step Back to the 1800s, through Art

Brussels boasts more than 500 houses in the Art Nouveau style, built between 1893 and today.

Our ExecuJet Belgium FBO can arrange a private tour where you can explore the city’s elegant backstreets to see Art Nouveau architecture and even tour the Horta Museum, an Art Nouveau masterpiece and UNESCO World Heritage Site.

[Click to learn more about Brussels from the ExecuJet Brussels FBO team.]

Satisfy Your Chocolate Craving in Style

Want to become a real Belgian chocolate maker? Given that Belgium invented the praline in 1912 and soon became known for making some of the best chocolates in the world, a trip to Brussels cannot exclude the treat. Craft your own pralines and truffles via a private chocolate workshop experience. Spend the day making confections with your own chocolatier who will guide you through this culinary art from start to finish – and you get to eat and keep all the delicacies you make!

Discover the Real Craft Behind Belgian Beer

You can’t go to Belgium and not celebrate its beer! The countryside is dotted with breweries whose traditions go back hundreds of years. Throughout that time, the Belgians have been producing unique styles such as wild and funky Lambics, seasonal farmhouse saison beers, and strong ales made in monasteries. If you prefer a Brussels-specific itinerary, you may want to focus on Lambics, the sour, open fermentation beers unique to the Brussels Capital Region. In fact, the most famous Lambic maker, Cantillon, is in downtown Brussels.

Events – Just for Fun

Brussels is a city full of events and festivals, especially in the summer. Next time business brings you to town, see what is on the docket. Here are three noteworthy examples…

  • The Ommegang Festival each July in Brussels is a must-see event. The colourful pageantry was first held in 1549 for Emperor Charles V, but now delights visitors and locals alike with its medieval mayhem.
  • The biennial Zinneke Parade in Brussels is dubbed a “living” project that showcases the creative talents of residents, schools and artists from different districts across the capital. Since it launched in 2000, Zinneke has become a much-anticipated celebration of music, dance and floats. The next parade is slated for May 2018 and should not be missed. Past events have garnered more than 2,000 participants, artists and organisations from 30+ municipalities who paraded through the streets of Brussels in front of more than 85,000 spectators.
  • The Flower Carpet takes place every two years in August, directly on Grand Place, the historic centre of Brussels, a location to which all roads seem to lead. Volunteers from around Belgium painstakingly weave a colourful tapestry of begonias around the square. More than a million flowers are required to fill the stunning 1,800 square meter (19,375 sq. ft.) carpet.

However you choose to experience Brussels and its treasures, ExecuJet’s FBO assures that your travel into and out of the city will be efficient and hassle-free. With everything you need, from handling and customs to fully equipped meeting space and exceptional customer service, enjoying the “feesten” fun will be all you need to worry about.

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