May 27, 2018

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FBO Consolidation Brings Much Needed Level of Consistency

By Ettore Poggi, Group FBO Director, ExecuJet

When it comes to selecting an FBO, you have options – and lots of them. According to the National Air Transportation Association (NATA), there are over 3,500 FBOs in the US alone. With each offering different services – and often varying levels of quality – how are you supposed to choose?

Thanks to a recent wave of consolidation and the resulting increase in global FBO networks, this choice is becoming easier.

Redefining the FBO

Consolidation is being driven, in large part, by municipal governments, who see FBOs as gateways to economic investment and opportunities for business growth. When an FBO’s lease is up for renewal, an airport often pressures owners to invest in such high-end facilities and services as ground support equipment, refuelling and de-icing trucks, fuel storage facilities and hangars. This has also led, in part, to services that had previously been included in the handling or fuel charge being charged separately.

For many independent FBOs, the cost of such investments isn’t realistic, and they either close or look to join an established standardised FBO network. As part of a network like ExecuJet, an FBO is better able to provide customers with improved efficiency, lower costs, expanded services, state-of-the-art facilities, new equipment and consistently high service standards -- attributes often associated with a branded FBO.

The Power of the Network

One advantage of using an FBO network is that they can leverage economies of scale to offer customers tangible benefits and savings. For example, because of ExecuJet’s expansive network of 25 FBOs, we can negotiate the purchase of Jet A1 fuel based on volume purchases and commitments across our network. Similarly, hotel accommodation, ground transport and many other services can be negotiated. As a result, our customers benefit from these discounted prices.

Network FBOs are also better able to implement and maintain industry safety standards. All ExecuJet FBOs, for instance, meet NATA Safety First standards; all will soon be IS-BAH accredited. Our Zurich FBO was the first in Switzerland – and one of the first in Europe – to become IS-BAH certified. Since then, our Brussels, Berlin , Johannesburg and Delhi FBOs have also become certified. Having this level of standardisation is important, as it not only shows the quality of an FBO’s support services, but also demonstrates the commitment to using the most comprehensive assessments available in order to continuously build on safer and more consistent operations.

A Guaranteed Level of Consistency

As ExecuJet expands its global footprint, our priority is to ensure that each location offers a consistent level of quality and service. So whether you land in Ibiza, St. Maarten, Johannesburg or somewhere in-between, the ExecuJet logo makes choosing an FBO easy.

To learn more about our expanding FBO network, I invite you to visit us at EBAA’s AirOps Europe, scheduled in Cannes from 20 – 21 September 2017.

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