May 06, 2021

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Luxaviation Group is proud to be supporting rising British pianist George Harliono, aged 18, by leasing a Steinway & Sons Model B, one of the most highly regarded pianos in classical music, for his personal use.

George Harliono made his first hour-long solo recital at the age of nine and has since performed in numerous locations in the UK, US, Europe and Asia.


8 Reasons to Charter a Jet Over Flying with Commercial Airlines

Chartering a private jet is about more than creature comforts. Benefits to productivity, flexibility, and privacy are just some of the reasons chartering your own flight is better than taking a commercial airline. Here are eight reasons to discover how you can benefit by booking your own private jet with Luxaviation.

1. Getting things done

Private jets let you get things done faster than a major airline. It’s not airspeed either (although some private jets are faster than commercial airliners, like the Gulfstream G650). The real time saving benefits can be seen with the efficiency between needing to fly and actually getting in the air.

Next time you fly with a major airline, keep track of the time it takes to actually get on board the craft. Lines at immigration, boarding, and waiting for luggage amount to hours of lost time which could translate to hours already spent in the air when flying on a chartered jet.

In fact, the average waiting time for a private jet at a Fixed Base Operator (FBO) is around five minutes. For many companies, being able to get key personnel in the air quickly and efficiently is how business gets done.

2. Better flexibility

In the modern world, our schedules are always changing. Meetings can be moved, deadlines shortened, and opportunities often present themselves at a moment’s notice. In many ways, commercial airlines simply can’t keep pace with the business world. With a user base that is primarily consumer driven, flights are booked out days, and weeks in advance. Routes are fixed and not always close to where you need to be.

The flexibility of a chartered private jet gives you the flexibility to change your plans. You’re in control of your schedule. That not only means attending to last minute opportunities but rewarding yourself with stopovers or early flights home when things are wrapping up. It’s easy, flexible, and ultimately gives you an advantage over commercial airline flights.

3. Direct to the destination

Most commercial airlines are tied into a ‘hub and spoke’ network. As a passenger, you’re beholden to the routes they provide. All a private jet needs is a destination and the fuel to get there. Private jets also climb faster and cruise at a higher altitude, meaning they're not competing for airspace with larger jets. Forget transfers and go straight to your destination with a chartered jet.

4. Even access more remote areas

Commercial airlines have some big restrictions as to where they can land. Size of the craft, amenities onsite, and the length of the runway are all restrictions that chartered jets can work around. And when an area is really remote, many charter companies can provide more versatility with the help of chartered helicopters or land automobile transport.

5. With the privacy to get stuff done

For many, air time is work time, but commercial air travel can drastically reduce your productivity.  Even if you travel business or first class, confidential conversations are out of the question. The freedom of a character flight means a private office in the sky.

Statistics back this up. A survey from 2009 by the National Business Aviation Association found that executives were 20% more productive while on company aircraft than in the office while travelling on a commercial aircraft saw up to 40% drop in productivity.

6. Access to better in-flight services

Let’s face it, even flying first class the quality of service can sometimes leave you a little wanting. Depending on your schedule you may want to eat earlier or later in the flight. With major airlines, there’s less flexibility as to when you’re served refreshments and meals. Chartered jets cater to you, that means service when you need it. Many charter services also partner with expert catering companies to provide the highest quality dining experiences.  

7. A more comfortable flight

In the heyday of air travel guests were treated like VIPs. Nowadays, however, you’re really just a seat number. Catching a flight on a major airline can often feel more like herded cattle than a luxury experience.

Private carriers continue to strive for excellence in both service and comfort. There’s more space to stretch out, and you can make yourself at home as you have the whole cabin to yourself or small group.

8. Pets, family, and friends included

Chartered jets are much more flexible when it comes to who is travelling with you on particular flights. Need to leave at the last moment but can’t find someone to look after the dog? Why not bring them on board. And because you’ve chartered the whole jet, you can also invite family and friends to join you without worrying too much about getting last minute tickets on the right flight.

Book your private jet today

Have an important flight coming up and want to beat the commercial airliner queue? Take the stress out of your next business trip and book a chartered private jet. With routes where you need to go, Luxaviation is ready to help you. Talk to us today and discover the difference a chartered jet can make.

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  • Oliver Ray Jul 10 2019, 18:12
    I like how you mentioned how a charter company can access more remote locations. Being able to access all parts of the world is important to my brother's company and it's growth no matter where the customer might be he wants to meet with them. I will have to pass on the benefits of being able to get access to remote locations with charter planes to him.