December 07, 2019

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Charlotte Pedersen, CEO, Luxaviation Helicopters, says: “Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show provides an excellent opportunity for us to discuss with new and existing customers how we can support them in combining their yacht experience with their helicopter needs. We are looking forward to offering advice and support for attendees on how our expertise can help them to navigate these two highly regulated fields.



ExecuJet Africa’s Lanseria facility is fully equipped to implement the NextGen Avionics Upgrades that have been mandated by the FAA to be complied with by 1 January 2020. Many of our clients have opted to do the conversion earlier rather than later, although time is already running out. Corporate Aviation Operators need to be cognisant of the fact that facilities are going to be booked to capacity and parts may be more scarce causing an increase in price if not planned for accordingly. 

Contact ExecuJet today and allow us to take care of your aircraft so that you are ensured of being fully compliant. Catch the ADS-B Out earlybird, contact ExecuJet on

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