April 25, 2017

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Region - Africa
April 10/2017

Busy Streets Mean Better Business: The ExecuJet Lagos FBO

Nigerian-American writer Teju Cole once wrote that “the energies of Lagos life – creative, malevolent, ambiguous – converge at the bus stops”. As an economic mainstay of the African continent, Lagos, Nigeria embodies the energy, dynamism and youth that characterise the seventh most populous country in the world. It is a decidedly urban landscape bordered to the south by relaxing beach resorts on the Gulf of Guinea and sprawling neighbourhoods to the north. It is no wonder that the places and spaces where business, creativity and relationships are forged is concentrated amongst the cityscape and its people.

Media Clipping
February 06/2017

Reach for the Sky

The steadily growing charter-flight sector in Africa, which offers numerous benefits to high-end travellers, is helping drive tourism on the continent.